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Buddhist Missionary Society Inc., a non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting Buddhism for the benefit of all. The objective of the mission is to develop productive activities in accordance with Buddhist principles in order to bring together all practitioners who are committed to exploring Buddhist thought and practices as a living tradition, faithful to its origins & lineage, yet adaptable and alive in each new time and place.


The duty of religion is to contribute to the peaceful co-existence among human beings and practice good will, compassion, harmony and understanding. From the very beginning, Buddhism has been a religion with universal appeal. The Buddhist Missionary Society believes that the teachings of Buddhism can support the development of compassion and good will in Buddhists and non-Buddhist alike.


The teaching of Buddha and the path that is based on the free reasoning and sublime human values can come to the rescue of humanity effectively. Buddhism’s emphasis is on the cultivation of morality, the control of desire and the consideration of others with compassion. This is not only helpful to the Buddhist but also to others who practice it. The teachings and messages of Buddhism are the source of our happiness. It holds out the right ways and means for every aspect of our activities, not only confined to matters relating to this life, but also in achievement the final goal of Enlightenment.


Buddhism set forth certain spiritual principles and values which when we put to practice in daily life bring great blessings here and now. If one understands Dharma clearly, then the challenge is to practice sincerely. Through practicing Dharma one brings about all positive changes, by discarding impurities and destroying defilements. One develops inner purity when the four noble truths become a part and parcel of one's life. Through realization one actually lives the four noble truths from moment to moment. That is, the realities the noble truths stand for now become the very stuff of one's existence.


The Buddhist Missionary Society is dedicated to the noble mission of Buddhism based on timeless principles: love, compassion, goodwill, harmony, cooperation and wisdom. It is our sincere desire to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding among the followers of Buddha, and help others understand these sublime teachings. The universal unity of humankind is a basic concept of the religion of Buddha and his sublime message has been an invitation to join the fold of universal brotherhood to work in strength and harmony for the welfare and happiness of humankind.


Our main task is to explain the Dharma - the source of happiness and peace, and perform good deeds for others' welfare. Further Buddhist Missionary Society’s mission is to strive   for the propagation and promotion of the Buddha Dharma and make great efforts to preserve it for generations to come.


From the commitment, dedication, devotion and cooperation shown at all levels by Buddhist followers and supporters, we have been able to establish a monastery for the long-term value; the vision of an important Buddhist center to hold the teachings of the Buddha for the future.


Our mission is entirely dependent on generous contributions from donors, well-wishers and the good hearts of people. We sincerely believe that we will be able to receive your response and encouragement. By making a contribution to support this noble cause, you can support our mission to promote, preserve and spread Buddhism. Your contribution is more valuable than you might think. You are helping to preserve the teachings of the Buddha for the future generations


All donations to the Buddhist Missionary Society are Tax Deductible. We deeply appreciate and honor each and every contribution as an integral part of what the mission is able to accomplish through the noble principles of Buddhism.


The depths of our gratitude are to all contributors, supporters, well-wishers and truth-seekers for their whole-hearted co-operation and support towards the development of our Buddhist mission. With your generous support and contribution, we hope to do more for many years to come.


May you partake in the merit of this gift of Truth



May the merits of your contribution, bring benefits to all




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